mp3: Inspirational Track Of The Day #1 – James Blake

James Blake – Limit To Your Love


Note: Please plug in headphones or speaker-system if listening on laptop or other notably crap monitors.

When every graduate leaves University forever, many are undoubtedly forlorn by the daunting prospect of leaving the best days of their life behind and perusing our terrible job-market for a full time job. Not Londoner James Blake I’m afraid. This 22-year-old marched unperturbed from his Goldsmiths Popular Music degree with a firm foot already in the music industry’s back door. How did this fella nail such a lucrative intern-ship with said industry?

He’d already released a debut 12″ entitled ‘Air and Lack Thereof’, which granted exposure from Gilles Peterson on his BBC Radio 1 show, and another quickly followed around graduation time enticing similar praise. If you are embarking on a degree (of any discipline) may that paragraph be of inspiration to you, give it a try.

By this point Blake had established himself as a bedroom (crucial inspirational fact) producer, churning out ambient post-dub-step in EP form and utilising a natural talent for both sample extraction and manipulation, and a minimalist collage-like arrangements in the audio sound-scape. Until this Feist (1-2-3-4) cover of ‘Limit To Your Love’, his voice was always distorted and thwarted towards the back burner. But this current single is a goading testament to his upcoming début full length album where his soulful voice takes the centre stage, this time around his intricately hand-picked sounds and jazz paunchy piano chords. Its interesting to hear the fragility and Neil Young style vibrato up there on the high range. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that bass. Oops.

-James Godwin, December 19th, 2010

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