How To Get Signed in 2011: Oxford Edition (Easily Adaptable)

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New Year’s day saw the lovely people at BBC Oxford Introducing compile a special show demonstrating the necessary steps to take if you and your band [of merry men/women] are commencing resolution lists with “GET SIGNED!!!”. Although this podcast is relative to Oxford residents, the steps and ideas explored can easily be reproduced in any region. Download it, put it on your iPod, and go for an iWalk. When you return, you’ll actually write a great song.

Here is a concise summary:

1. Compile a list of all your local movers and shakers, then send them your very best demos. Opt for one great one rather than three average.

2. Practice endlessly, and gig selectively.

3. Then practice endlessly.

4. Do you need a manager? Nobody needs a bad manager.

5. Stornoway are thee current how-to-get-signed role-models, recently signed to 4ad.

6. Ute are a band you need to hear.

6. You don’t NEED a record label to succeed.

7. If you’re going to record on your own, get a decent sound-card, and get it mastered professionally! Decent microphones can be bought second-hand on the cheap from eBay.

8. Upload your tracks to the BBC Introducing Uploader, it may get played on Radio 1!

Listen to the whole thing here: BBC Oxford Introducing Unsigned Guide 2011

– James Godwin, January 3rd, 2011

Copyright © 2011. James Godwin. All rights reserved.