Forget Wembley, Bands Are Queuing Up To Play “The Shed”

Songs From The Shed - Clevedon (Image via BBC)

BBC Inside Out West is renowned for bringing the community “surprising stories from familiar places”, and somewhere in the countryside of Clevedon, Somerset, resides the most unlikely music venue you’re ever likely to see.

The venue is in fact so tiny, that audiences are presented with the intimate shows by way of a YouTube video, and by Jove it sure does have some names to its’ roster! Who should come trundling down the unassuming country lane in a battered old van, but old Steve Harley, whose 1975 smash hit “Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile)” now has more than 120 cover versions.

Newbie Benjamin Francis Leftwich, whose single “Atlas Hands” has been popular with Radio 1, is also a notable performer, as is the quirky/funny/bizarre Gideon Conn.

Owner of The Shed Jon Earl simultaneously films and records the acoustic gigs on his pretty rubbish compact digital camera, you simply “put the loudest musician at the back and the quietest ones at the front,” he explained.

“There’s no setting up. They arrive, they take their instruments out of their vehicle, they come into the shed.”

“Some of them take an hour, some are in and out in 15 minutes.”

Either way, it’s a fantastic idea and I hope he attracts even bigger names in the future.

You can check out the wonderful Gideon Conn playing The Shed below, and yes, he is totally for real.

-James Godwin, January 10th, 2011