FREE and NEW Mogwai Mp3 – “San Pedro”

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will - February 14th 2010

If you right click, and Save As:

Mogwai – San Pedro

Your computer will obtain a brand new and brand free mp3 download from Scotland’s favourite post-rockers. Typically instrumental the song feels a little bit like a hard-rocking sea shanty theme for pirates, with an essential guitar refrain. I’m pretty sure if I….yep very cool played through loud speakers, and maybe…yep also slightly abusive on the old ear drums when played through headphones. Differing sections are defined by the rhythm section which dips in and out of half-time, and that reverberating tremolo guitar decoration, a prominent fixture in this kind of instrumental music, is ever so prominent.

Fittingly if you pre-order, Sub-Pop will provide you with a nice pair of Mogwai-branded ear plugs.

The album will be released in Europe on February 14th.

In the mean time here is a Spotify link to the really ace Young Team – Deluxe Edition. As usual, excellent, ear-drum assaulting, soundtrack music.

-James Godwin, January 11th, 2010

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