mp3: Sonic Youth Give Us A Free Mix-Tape.

Indie Noise-Rock group Sonic Youth have compiled a nice mix-tape to stream from their website and warm the winter from your soul.

Bands are supplying motion picture soundtracks left right and centre, with Brooklyn folk-rocksters Grizzly Bear recently writing a luscious score to accompany the critically acclaimed and emotionally gripping Blue Valentine (2010). Sonic Youth will offer a few tracks to the French thriller-drama Simon Werner a Disparu“.

The soundtrack will be released in 2011 as the next edition of the SYR series, SYR9: Simon Werner a Disparu. The mix-tape doesn’t perservere with purely film material, featuring a splendid cover of Captain Beefheart’s riff-tastic “Electricity” among a few Daydream Nation demos. Ambient guitar and thick distorted rhythms dominate overall, and like the Grizzly Bear score, vocal tracks are generally sparse, favouring a more instrumental outlook.

The track-listing runs as follows:

Sonic Youth Mix-Tape Vol.8

1. “Theme de Simon” from SYR 9

2. “Star Power” [2009 acoustic performance of the EVOL track]

3. “Rain King” [early version] Daydream Nation Demo

4. “Skronky Jam” [1988]

5. “Electricity” [alt. mix] Captain Beefheart Cover

6. “Alice et Clara (aspect)” from Simon  Werner DVD bonus CD

7. “Unknown #1” [1988 Lee Ranaldo demo]

8. “Unknown #2” [1988 Lee Ranaldo demo]

9. “Escapades” from SYR 9

10. “Candle” [early version] Daydream Nation Demo

11. “M. Rabier (aspect)” from Simon  Werner DVD bonus CD

Edit: If you now ‘right click/save as’ each song title, you can download the mp3.

-James Godwin, January 21st, 2011

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