Because Every Country Is The Best At Something

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Purely because it’s the hardcore awards season, with the Grammy and BAFTA awards paving the way for the bad-boy Oscars. Whilst it is always us Brits and those Yanks who sweep all the popular music and cinema of our modern time, it is important to always remember that every country is good at something.

For England, we are dominating the CCTV field…congrats to our ground-breaking work there. However an honourable mention does go to our Tea Drinking ability. Standard I guess. We think our recent VAT increase is bad? Hungary’s is a whopping 25%. Furthermore, Croatia also have a higher alcohol consumption than the UK, which means it must be bad.

  • The Highest Number of Cinema Goers can be safely given to…India. Bollywood I guess.
  • The Happiest Country Award goes to…..Venezuela and Costa Rica! A substantial joint effort.
  • Whilst Quality Of Life is awarded to….Ireland.

The intricate details of these “Alternative Awards” can be viewed here:

In the meantime I’m sad Gareth Edwards didn’t win a BAFTA for his amazing work with Monsters. Congratulations to Christopher Lee on his Academy Fellowship Award. And the Beatles for winning the Best Historical Album Award or something…no wonder Paul McCartney was in London attending the BAFTAS instead!

-James Godwin, February 13th, 2011

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