Radiohead Unveil First *Newspaper Album – The King Of Limbs

Today is a glorious day.

Radiohead have unveiled details of their 8th studio album titled ‘The King of Limbs’ to be released this coming Saturday [February 19th].

I’m not really sure what a newspaper album is, but in a similar vein to ‘In Rainbows’, there are a few vinyl and special edition artwork pieces involved for a set price of about £30. The digital is not a pay-what-you-want however, set price is £6.

There is no released tracklisting, but here are a few possible inclusions to wet your whistle:

The Present Tense

Mouse Dog Bird

Give Up The Ghost

check it out:

Update: There Will Be 8 Tracks.

Update: Here is a woodland press-release photo:

Update: It turns out ‘Mouse Dog Bird’ was renamed to ‘Separator’. So 2 out 3 ain’t bad!

-James Godwin, February 14th, 2011

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