Listen: New Burial – Street Halo

Burial - Street Halo (2011)

Hailing from London, Burial, the most creative dub-step whiz around, hasn’t really done a lot since his high-profile enrolment onto the music scene in 2006 with his self-titled début album and the 2007 follow up Forgive. Both albums remarkably appearing in many critics’ “Best of…” lists for their year.

He likes to incorporate aspects of 2-step and resourceful samples into his music, taken from unlikely places as far-flung as the Metal Gear Solid video game, allegedly. He also claims to write all his music in the digital audio editor SoundForge, and to eschew the use of trackers and sequencers.

Now in less than a month, we already have a prominent 12″ collaboration with Four-Tet and Thom Yorke, and now a three-track EP released on Hyperdub. The title track from the EP can be heard below, and it’s a welcome progression whilst maintaining that distinctly grainy sound. The girly-wirly vocal samples remain, but it’s that haunting siren which really stands out. It’s instantly refreshing, wiping over the crass manufactured four-to-the-floor versions of the genre.

The Rest Of The EP

-James Godwin, April 3rd, 2011

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