Listen: The Sigur Rós Bootlegs

Sigur Ros

When one contemplates the sound of a water droplet amongst the calm dew of a picturesque morning, Sigur Rós is that sound. When the sun rises over a humble slow loris stretching nimbly beneath a branch in Southeast Asia, Sigur Rós reverberates below the tree-tops.

After a long period of inactivity since the release of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust in 2008, largely due to lead singer Jonsi’s solo offensive on the world releasing critically-cracking Riceboy Sleeps (2009) and Go (2010, here we have a selection of unreleased bootlegs uploaded by the band to their SoundCloud page.

The ágætis byrjun manipulations are particularly beautiful, erupting a strong urge from within the depths of my soul to watch Planet Earth. Although this stuff is roughly 11-12 years old, the sheer epic ambience is still both innovative and timeless.

Listen to ágætis byrjun in full on Spotify.

Svefn-g-englar 1999 Demo

ágætis byrjun manipulations

ágætis byrjun demos

-James  Godwin, April 5th, 2011

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