New Bon Iver Album Announced

Everybody knows the unique success story of Bon Iver. Man loses band and girlfriend, relocates for period of bereavement in snowy log cabin and ends up writing heart-felt masterpiece over the course of three months using nothing but an old macintosh, Garageband recording software and a Shure SM57 microphone.

What followed was a staggering word-of-mouth epoch spawning a new era for “folk-music” and countless below-average impersonators. Vernon explored the Volcano Choir side-project and a Kanye collaboration before culminating all Bon Iver activity with the Blood Bank EP.

Today sees Justin Vernon release details of his second full-length album out June 21st on 4AD in Britain., a self-titled affair with beautiful artwork by the Minnesota artist Gregory Euclide.

You can view the track-list below (via Pitchfork)

Bon Iver:

01 Perth
02 Minnesota, WI
03 Holocene
04 Towers
05 Michicant
06 Hinnom, TX
07 Wash.
08 Calgary
09 Lisbon, OH
10 Beth/Rest

A lot of place names in there, not to mention a striking use of purely single word song-titles.

Below is a live version of an unnamed song from about a year ago, but I can confirm that this is indeed ‘Michicant’.

-James Godwin, 20th April, 2011

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