mp3: Other Lives – For 12

Other Lives –

For 12



Maybe a bit bizarre that this was number 3 in my best tracks of 2010…but here it is in 2011 form. Every now and then you hear a song that immediately results in the kind of reaction you experience pretty infrequently throughout your year. And you won’t ever get that exact same feeling to repeat itself, but you are able to repeat the source of that ecstasy as many times as you wish and it’s exciting. Only released as an initial demo, aimed to be a teaser trailer for this year’s proposed album Tamer Animals, the result is far far far more than that.

Other Lives are a five-piece from Stillwater, Oklahoma, a group intent on exploring the realms of big folk expansion and the potential for subtle grandeur. The Ennio Morricone influence is there, western spaghetti guitars couple with cinematic glissando’s in the string section to create that effect. So many aspects of this track are memorable, from the epic chorus to the hummed refrain: the catchiest one I’ve heard in years. The instruments are piled up, but it doesn’t feel claustrophobic in the slightest. When singer Jesse Tabish breaks into falsetto every time “it feels like forever”, the whole world stands still. And then that giddy-up groove starts things rolling again, and frankly it would be fine for the whole demo to never end.

Note: The song playing above is the demo. This is because I think it’s the best, for me the vocal in the new one is way too high in the mix and lacks the immediacy purveyed by the previous vocal’s double-tracking.

You can download the demo here which is also available on the band’s website.

And the final album version from Tamer Animals here, which is out now on iTunes with ‘For 12’ as a free download.

Which version do you prefer?

-James Godwin, May 5th, 2011

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