PJ Harvey Posts Her Final ‘Let England Shake’ Video

Since December 18th 2010, when she released a video for ‘The Last Living Rose’, PJ Harvey has slowly but steadily been posting videos online for every single song on her latest album Let England Shake, with the final film being released yesterday.

Award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy produced the shorts – containing reportage footage shot around England and performance footage of Harvey.

In an interview with Slant magazine, Murphy cites details of how the pair came to work together:

It started out that she had seen my Afghan work at an exhibition in London, and then she got the book, and I think over time she thought that she might like to work with me in some way. So I got a call from her manager asking if I would be interested in doing something, and I said sure. This was quite a while ago, maybe two years ago. I went to see her in concert, and she told me she was going to do this album and what it was going to be like. At that point we were talking about just still pictures for press, album artwork, and portraits. I did that last July, and then I’d actually just come back from being in Afghanistan shooting some video for a film I’m doing. It was my first real concentrated time shooting video. I think when I came back to shoot the Polly pictures, I must’ve been saying something about shooting video and how interesting I found it. And then we were talking about doing some kind of documentary, but it was all very vague and evolving. It dawned on me that it would be better if we did short films that went with the tracks. At the moment I’ve finished the 12 films, and the next thing we’re talking about is producing something that would be one unit—from that material and from some new material. So the whole thing is still evolving.”

Below is the track-list of Let England Shake complete with links to every one of the album’s videos.

Let England Shake:

1 Let England Shake
2 The Last Living Rose
3 The Glorious Land
4 The Words That Maketh Murder
5 All and Everyone
6 On Battleship Hill
7 England
8 In the Dark Places
9 Bitter Branches
10 Hanging in the Wire
11 Written on the Forehead
12 The Colour of the Earth

-James Godwin, May 5th, 2011