The Antlers – Corsicana

There are songs which have affecting lyrics. And there are songs which have an affecting sound.

The most beautiful part of ‘Corsicana’ is the poignant wordless chorus, which washes over you. And if there was ever a soundtrack to the saddest points in your life, this ambient glow would be it.

Listen below:

Yes, I can assure you the singer is definitely a dude.

I currently couldn’t tell you anything about any of the tracks which sit between ‘I Don’t Want Love’ and ‘Corsicana’. That’s seven snubbed songs. The downside of sticking two brilliant numbers at either end of a record?

The Antlers – Burst Apart Released May 10th 2011 on Transgressive/Frenchkiss Records.

-James Godwin, May 8th, 2011

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