Watch: Warpaint – Elephants: Best of Jools Holland

After my visit to the BBC studios to witness the recording of the marvellous Later…With Jools Holland, I came away with utter infatuation for this Los Angeles female quartet.

Despite hearing a number of recordings prior to their performance, the transformation this song undergoes in the live environment is simply staggering.

The strongest feature of Warpaint is not their mascara, but the unbelievable rhythm section they bestow. Coupled with the scattered timpani-mallet beat, the huge clomping bass-line was actually far louder in the studio, whether this was a technical fault with sound-check or not, it sounded fantastic.

The drummer for Gappy Ranks couldn’t stop bobbing his head to the groove, but then again neither could any of us. They made Arctic Monkeys look a little bit amateur, and they’ve only just released their debut album The Fool. Furthermore, despite brooding dark mood music, the girls are clearly having the time of their lives on stage, and it’s completely entertaining to watch.

-James Godwin, May 15th, 2011

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