Watch: Weezer Cover Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the heads up, here is an untouched and unforced 90s mash-up. The ever steady Weezer have covered the future-predicting lead single from the fluctuating Radiohead!

It’s interesting to hear the “unborn chicken voices” being sung by Rivers Cuomo, as I prepare to post this out into the chaotic pipeline of the internet. “The yuppies networking”? Well, yes. Of course I’m going to post it to Twitter and Facebook…

Disappointingly they leave out any humorous backing-vocal attempts at emulating the computer voice for “I may be paranoid, but not an android”, but hats off to them for playing the entire thing note for note.

The “rain down” segment is particularly monumental here, and of course Jonny Greenwood’s Space-Echo-Solo is impossible to imitate.

-James Godwin, May 27th, 2011