Coldplay Drop A Few Cryptic Tweets

It’s widely known Coldplay are back on biggest-band-in-the-world duty this summer, dallying the festival circuit with their stadium-sound, most significantly at Glastonbury with fellow heavyweights U2.

The 23rd of May saw a decidedly busier influx of obscurity on the Coldplay Twitter feed than normal. Pictures containing cut-up phrases swallowed in curly swirls that can only be lyrical fragments from their forthcoming album with Brian Eno.

Typical Chris Martin lines that try to reach out and connect with every single human being, lines like “I turn the music up / I got my records on / I shut the world outside until the lights come on”…the tunes always were catchier than the lyrics. I mean, that’s a pretty rudimentary observation right there.

“I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song”.

You get the picture.

You can view the whole list of cryptic messages here.

Whilst the most revealing video so far, soundtracked by a delayed guitar riff, can be watched below.

Here’s a bittersweet reminder of the days when Coldplay were just a small but distinctive indie band:

-James Godwin, May 30th, 2011