Coldplay Release Yet Another Anthem and Kaiser Chiefs “Do a Radiohead”

Today oversees a double extravaganza of music releases from two of England’s most radio-friendly bands.

After strategically cryptic videos and lyrical fragments from Coldplay last week, today the band released the predictably titled ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ upon the bewildered cyber-world. You can read the lyrics here.

I’m starting to get the impression music-mogul Brian Eno’s sole purpose is to sit down with the band and help devise scientific formulae for anthemic songwriting. The track samples a chord progression from Peter Allen’s ‘I Go To Rio’ and is streaming over at right now. It can also be purchased from iTunes.

Kaiser Chief’s on the other hand, after absolutely no build-up whatsoever, appear to have had a go at wheel reinvention with an innovative album release to contend with Radiohead’s infamous In Rainbows experiment. The world’s first pick n’ mix album?

Available to download exclusively from the band’s website for £7.50 are a selection of 20 tracks. You, the consumer, must pick your favourite 10 and then choose some accompanying artwork. After you’ve done this, your album configuration so to speak, is made available to download by other people. Every time somebody downloads your album, you receive £1!

Their website states:

“Our new album isn’t a CD. It’s digital. And no two copies are the same because each one is made by a different person. Like you.”

For anyone wanting to skip the interactive experience, the Kaiser Chief’s own configuration – The Future Is Medieval – is available from iTunes and stores at the end of June.

“But we urge you to at least have a go at making an album,” the Chiefs say.

-James Godwin, June 3rd, 2011

Copyright © 2011. James Godwin. All rights reserved.