mp3: Jamie xx – ‘Far Nearer’ and ‘Beat For’

Nowadays, every hipster musician is a remixer. And none more so than Jamie Smith.

Starting his speedy ascent to success by way of a Mercury Prize with band The xx, Jamie quickly replaced his surname with the ‘xx’ identity and gave birth to a moniker now synonymous with remixing. His interpretations of Gil Scott-Heron‘s I’m New Here material garnered some pretty high-profile praise, and now he’s back with a steel-drum driven 12″. Have a listen below:

‘Far Nearer’ re-interprets the vocal phrase of “I Feel Better When I Have You Near Me”, whilst the B-Side ‘Beat For’, is a brooding blend of blurry rave riffs.

Out on Numbers, you can buy/listen/download/whatever here.

Jamie xx – : – Far Nearer

Jamie xx – : – Beat For

-James Godwin, June 7th, 2011

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