mp3: Chilly Gonzales – ‘Party In My Mind’

Even if you’ve never heard of Chilly Gonzales, you will have heard of Chilly Gonzales. Oh yeah, this guy’s had the Apple treatment, with an iPad advert showcasing his piano lead ‘Never Stop’.

This quirky Canadian maestro is one of those painfully talented all-rounders, but most notably a classically trained pianist (his best-selling album to date is a selection of piano instrumentals). But his eclecticism really is just remarkable, unbeknownst to me he is also a member of the Berlin based rap ensemble Puppetmastaz, who featured on Modeselektor’s hefty ‘The Dark Side of the Sun’.

The tongue-in-cheek rhymes are a delight with or without the bizarre middle-eastern music. After listening to a wide selection of this week’s independent releases, this one was easily the best.

The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales is expected June 20th via Gentle Threat.

-James Godwin, June 14th, 2011