Live Preview: tUnE – yArDs at The Fleece, Bristol

Bizness mp3

tUnE – yArDs is the musical project of one Merrill Garbus; songwriter, vocalist, percussionist, and ukulele player extraordinaire. For muso journalists, the stylization of tUne – yArDs is a caps-lock bashing nightmare. But for questioning muso fans, the allure is almost too much. Why is it like that we cry? It’s a statement of intent that Merrill don’t conform to no one not never, no. Although her track ‘Fiya’ was in fact featured on a 2010 commercial for the Blackberry Torch…

According to a recent Merrill Garbus tweet, we British are “beloved fluffers”. If I were you I’d grab your free ‘Bizness’ download above. You can watch the idiosyncratic video below.

Although there are still some suspicious cretins among the gig listings, it seems The Fleece are finally shying away from nightmarish covers bands and embracing ace new artists.

Her voice is so congested with unflinching power, and the Afro-pop component of her densely hybrid sound is so prominent here, you’d be forgiven for mistaken Garbus as an Afro-American. During live performances builds her multi-instrumental reverberations around spontaneous drum-loops created there and then on the spot. Her début album, BiRd-BrAiNs (how does she decide which letters need capitalising?), was originally self-released by Garbus on recycled cassette tape. Yet unsurprisingly it was recorded using only a handheld voice recorder. Her album W H O K I L L S is one of my favs of the year so far.

The Fleece, Bristol | Mon 20th June | 7.30pm | £8adv | All Ages | Only 30 tickets left

-James Godwin, June 19th, 2011