Rare Velvet Underground Acetate mp3s

Listen up, here’s a story. Once upon a time an unsuspecting American called Warren Hill filed reservedly through the tumbledown record collection of a “yard sale” in Chelsea, NY. In amongst the dust was a label reading:

“Velvet Underground… 4/25/66… N. Dolph.”

He bought it for $0.75.

Back in 1966 Andy Warhol was collaborating in all manner of forms with an underground collective of the velvet variety. In exchange for one of his paintings, Warhol asked a label executive to oversee a one-day recording at Sceptor Studios. His name was Norman Dolph.

An acetate is a metallic “master” recording. And after various remixes with different “ghost” producers, the final product was released as The Velvet Underground & Nico. The original was eventually sold for $25,000 on ebay.

Below you can listen to all those “lost” mp3s in the order they appear on the acetate, courtesy of Beware Of The Blog.

European Son

Black Angel’s Death Song

All Tomorrow’s Parties

I’ll Be Your Mirror


Femme Fatale

Venus In Furs

I’m Waiting For The Man

Run Run Run

-James Godwin, July 3rd, 2011

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