video/mp3: Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

Although a real blog darling, I’ve never been too sure about Mr Ernest Greene, and this video certainly isn’t doing him any favours. However that being said, he does have my absolute favourite sort of background story:

Ernest Greene is a young chap from Georgia (via South Carolina) who makes bedroom synthpop. He uses Reason 4. 0/Cubase SE to mix and arrange everything. And as you can probably hear, he unrelentingly drenches it all in compression and reverb.

Taken from the Bushwick BK interview. Ernest:

“I have a little studio set up in my bedroom at my parents’ house where I work mostly at night while they are asleep. Then I will record vocals the next morning when I wake up. It’s nice having that time to “forget” the song while sleeping. so I approach it fresh with the vocals.”

“I normally will just let the song play, and then record myself “just improvising” and normally things will sort of pop up. Then I’ll try to write some lyrics to fit the rhythm of the melody.”

“I actually use a lot of synths from Reason. Correct. I record my voice and any guitar/bass/keyboard stuff with Cubase, then bounce it over to Reason where I create/arrange the songs. I use a lot of synths/samplers in Reason.”

Ultimately the dangerous thing about bedroom producers like Washed Out, is that feeling of I too, can get a record deal, when equipped with a bedroom. And boy is it inspiring.

[Directed by Timothy Saccenti + Alan Bibby]

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed [Right Click/Save As]

-James Godwin, July 19th, 2011

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