mp3: Trailer Trash Tracys – ‘Dies In 55’

Am I allowed to post this purely on its Sistine Chapel quality artwork? No?

Okay then. Well, Trailer Trash Tracys are a quartet from London whose sole influence is “melodic reverberation”. With this track they’ve managed to take the cumbersome harpsichord and utilise its hypnotic texture in an ambient swirl. It reminds me in a way of a more organic Animal Collective sound.

Trailer Trash Tracys – ‘Dies In 55’

I like the large and random 80s drum samples that flicker throughout, they’re almost like charming little accidents.

Their debut album will be released sometime next spring on Double Six, the sister label of Domino and home to Jon Hopkins and Spiritualized.

-James Godwin, August 8th, 2011

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