Introducing: Youth Lagoon

In all honesty, Idaho native Trevor Powers looks around 17-years-old. Of course suspicions are immediately roused, that Powers has indeed been sipping from the fountain of youth, or to utilise the evidence given in his band name, the Youth Lagoon.

For Powers is actually 22. And not only does this make us kindred spirits, but I too had a Peavey Rage as my first ever guitar amplifier.

As the set up below illustrates, Youth Lagoon is all about working with what you’ve got, and it makes for some pretty inspiring results. Four-track bedroom production and far-off vocals compliment saddened lyrical themes and standard indie-rock instruments. I imagine his début to sound a bit like Grouper, if she was a boy, and was far more pop-inclined.

Have a listen to three epic album tracks below.

Cannons [Right Click/Save As]

July [Right Click/Save As]


You can pre-order The Year Of Hibernation from Fat Possum here, due out September 27th.

-James Godwin, August 12th, 2011

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