Active Child – You Are All I See

Pat Grossi is a harpist and an ex-choir boy. In a laptop world littered with software instrument forgery, it’s unthinkably refreshing to know those harps that you hear buried in a skilful arrangement are real. Those God-given layered falsettos sound like they’ve been recorded in a cathedral, but I’m sure that’s just a bedroom, I guess we can’t have everything.

The best music always sounds completely unique, and there sure as hell isn’t anything like this around at the moment.

‘Hanging On’ has been playing on a grooving hypnotic loop for the past two hours, and will undoubtedly continue in this vein for the rest of the year. With a backing track that sits somewhere between Four Tet’s ‘Circling’ and a vocal reminiscent of Antony Hegarty’s stronger more assured alter ego, I think I’ve found a real gem.

Check out ‘Hanging On’ below, and stream You Are All I See in its entirety exclusively over at the Hype Machine, 8 days before its actual release.

Active Child – ‘Hanging On’

-James Godwin, August 16th, 2011

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