mp3: Atlas Sound – ‘Terra Incognita’

Album art by Mick Rock

The not-so-side-project of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox is called Atlas Sound, and is effectively a form of artistic liberation as a result of Cox’s super-dooper-prolificness. It doesn’t matter if the 46 songs Bradford wrote this morning aren’t deemed Deerhunter-durable. The frustrating part is, it’s almost all really great material. Thus here we have a lilting track from what is now the third Atlas Sound LP Parallax, to be released on November 8th via 4AD.

You can hear ‘Terra Incognita’ below, and check out a live video of another forthcoming Parallax track ‘Te Amo’ (which I think sounds particularly ace).

‘Terra Incognita’


01 The Shakes

02 Amplifiers

03 Te Amo

04 Parallax

05 Modern Aquatic Nightsongs

06 Mona Lisa

07 Praying Man

08 Doldrums

09 My Angel Is Broken

10 Terra Incognita

11 Flagstaff

12 Nightworks

-James Godwin, August 24th, 2011

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