Introducing: Message To Bears

When one contemplates the sound of a water droplet amongst the calm dew of a picturesque morning, Message To Bears is that sound. When the sun rises over a humble slow loris stretching nimbly beneath a branch in Southeast Asia, Message To Bears reverberates below the tree-tops.

As much as I adore the good stuff, bedroom producers constructing careful but blatant electronica with their Reasons and their Logics is becoming a little too familiar. Here we have Message To Bears, aka Jerome Alexander, fabricating natural soundscapes with acoustic instrumentation. Awash with emotive vocal samples, expertly recorded acoustic guitar and creatively subtle beats, Message To Bears is often that misplaced yet ideal soundtrack to your stroll in the spring sunlight, or your reflective meander in the woods.

A big fan of descending bass lines and plush string arrangements that wouldn’t be out of place on an Attenborough documentary, he’s already got an EP and a début album out on Dead Pilot Records, and we’re expecting a new offering sometime in the coming months.



-James Godwin, August 29th, 2011

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