mp3: Tom Waits – Bad As Me

Any music blog that posted an mp3 of the new Tom Waits single ‘Bad As Me’ after the official album announcement last week, was kindly told to remove it at once. Furthermore, to enhance the regulation, Tom Waits himself stamped a surreal ‘Private Listening Party’ upon YouTube, in which everyone online was invited. Now, Tom’s birthday cake is no longer out of bounds.

Anti- Records have now officially uploaded the single, it seems giving us the all clear to share. An often overlooked aspect of Tom’s recordings are the absolutely pristine productions, that somehow retain a kind of garage DIY ethic. Listen to the raw clatter of that industrial drum sound!

His primary vocal delivery is clearly bordering on insanity, and the introduction of a calmly contrasting vocal impression only advises the possibility that this is in fact an exploration of the persona, contemplating that: “they told me you were no good”.

Who else is actually capable of such theatrical storytelling in their songwriting?

Tom Waits will release his new album Bad As Me on October 24th by way of Anti- Records.

-James Godwin, September 2nd, 2011

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