Nathan Fake Production Masterclass

Consider the sole electronic artisan. To what extent can one really familiarise with the man behind the machine? Discuss.

Answer: never. This is primarily since other human beings always instinctively latch on to the human voice. Even though the singer often adapts a persona, how many pop instrumentals are there? Not very many.

As of late, Nathan Fake has been inadvertently blessed by alternative music’s elite. He was one of the chosen few selected to remix a given track from Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs, doing a fine job with ‘Morning Mr. Magpie’.

Then, after an unrelated fortuitous occurrence, I landed at the feet of this incredible tutorial Nathan did for Computer Music magazine two years ago. And by the end I was sleepless with inspiration.

Firstly, this guy is such a dude. A humble Reading lad thru n’ thru, the indirect diffidence of his own work ethic totally endearing throughout. It’s like every one of his explanations wears a coat of embarrassment, to be stating what he thinks is apparently obvious.

What’s more, is the fact he has clearly just set up a room in his mum’s house with some of the lowest end equipment your shrapnel can buy, confirmed in part by his rudimentary thumbs-up. All his techniques are either the “long-winded” or “messy” way of doing things. There’s a modest naivety to his work regime, which I’m sure everybody except the studio boffins can relate to, but at the end of it all, is some of the most intelligent (and expertly produced) electronica I’ve heard.

There are 5 parts altogether, and I suggest you watch them all for some real educational entertainment, that feels like you’re actually like down the pub, or something!

Play the finished version of ‘The Turtle’

-James Godwin, September 6th, 2011

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