mp3: Jermaine Soul – ‘Yogyakarta’

On September 25th the electronica collective BLBX released a 12″ single that included this rhythmically challenging track from Leeds producer Jermaine Soul. It’s the second episode in a series of tracks, that are inspired by cities from around the world. Yogyakarta is an Indonesian city, in case you didn’t fancy a Google.

The defining feature is that irregular fall of the snare, which for the majority of the opening goes some way to mirroring the hustle and bustle of Yogyakarta as a renowned centre of classical Javanese art and culture. Attach a thumping kick beat to the equation, and you’ve got a really rather clever breakbeat which carries the oxygenated chords throughout. Top stuff.

-James Godwin, October 2nd, 2011

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