video: Drew Smith – ‘Love Teeth’

Ex TEFL teacher Drew Smith is a singer-songwriter who previously taught foreign students how to speak English in his home of Canada. One of his students, Sohee Jeon, went on to become a successful animator in South Korea and whisked up this delightful animation, the style of which reminds me of ‘The Secret Of Kells’, as a humble thank you to her old teacher.

First and foremost it was the animation that drew me in. But as the video progressed, I found myself enjoying the laid back groove and the sliding acoustic guitar ostinato which is employed as a hook throughout. As a standard acoustic love song, there’s nothing new to write home about here, but the vocal intervals are good and at times these jumps make for melodies similar to The Man Who era Travis.

You can download the track over at Drew’s website, by paying with a tweet!

-James Godwin, October 22nd, 2011

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