Rostam – ‘Don’t Let It Get To You’

I love this. Whilst Vampire Weekend are busy working on that difficult third album, and the follow up to the über successful Contra, the band’s multi-instrumentalist and music-degree wielding Rostam Batmanglij is releasing a stream of terrific solo songs.

‘Don’t Let It Get To You’ went up on his Tumblr today, following in the footsteps of ‘Wood’, which appeared on there sometime last month, but I only went and bloody missed it. His songs retain Vampire Weekend’s African music influences, and his vocal style goes some way towards imitating Ezra Koenig. Clearly it’s manipulated at the start, but is that tribal snare drum groove a sample? Or Vampire Weekend’s drummer Chris Tomson’s handiwork? Either way, it’s a head-bobber.

Rostam – ‘Wood’

-James Godwin, November 1st, 2011

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