mp3: Zammuto – ‘Weird Calling’

Here’s a track from Nick Zammuto’s new band; and in case that name is beyond your recognition (which it was for me), he is the co-founder and primary singer/songwriter/composer of Brian Eno favourites The Books.

Proceedings commence as a rather glitchy affair, before introducing Imogen Heap/Bon Iver vocoder-processed vocal harmonies that feel a bit awkward, but like a pig among guinea-pigs, any initial misplacement demands straight backs and eyes front. My attention is rewarded as Zammuto then wields what seem obviously appropriate harmony and noise around them. Pretty much employing the musical structure of a quidditch match, I don’t really know what’s going on, but it all works brilliantly.

Zammuto are set to release a limited edition single in December on the UK label Make Mine, featuring the songs ‘Idiom Wind’, ‘F U C-3PO’ and the track below ‘Weird Ceiling’. Nick’s band have also scheduled a handful of live concerts, where they will début more new material.

-James Godwin, December 5th, 2011

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