mp3: Youth Lagoon – ‘Goodbye Again’ (John Denver Cover)

Recently Trevor Powers, the leader of anthemic lo-fi outfit Youth Lagoon, played a handful of his well-written songs for Sirius XMU, however in amongst the usual suspects was a warming and personable cover of John Denver’s ‘Goodbye Again’.

The immediately noticeable difference is how high Powers’ vocals are in the mix, since fans of The Year Of Hibernation will be more accustomed to his reverb-drenched singing hiding beneath the often snowballing chords. If anyone was in doubt that this lad could sing, this exposed cover illustrates there’s absolutely no denying his emotionally powerful set of pipes.

Have a listen to Powers’ version and the Denver original below.

Youth Lagoon – ‘Goodbye Again’ (John Denver Cover)

-James Godwin, December 13th, 2011

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