The Tallest Man On Earth – ‘Some Will Spare You’

Kristian Matsson and Amanda Bergman (The Tallest Man on Earth and Idiot Wind) have written seven new folk-based compositions between them, as the score for new Swedish flick En Gang Om Aret (Once A Year).

Once A Year is Gorki Glaser-Müllers debut feature. With a narrative device similar to David Nichols’ One Day, the film explores the relationship between a man and a woman who’ve met in different hotel rooms once a year, for the past thirty years, now struggling with the unexpected path their individual lives have taken.

Watch a teaser with a snippet of Kristian’s (previously unheard) beautiful music titled ‘Some Will Spare You’, below. Who’d have thought his desperately ruminative, emotive voice could be harmonised so angelically.

The film will premiere on January 29th at the Goteborg International Film Festival.

-James Godwin, January 27th, 2012

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