First Aid Kit – ‘Emmylou’

Although officially deemed “folk”, ‘Emmylou’ is downright country, man. But it’s okay! Good country alert.

Now I’m certainly not a country music fan, I’ll hold up my hands. However there’s something entirely mellifluous encasing this track from the super young Swedish duo. In fact the sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg are SO young (21 and 18 respectively), perhaps it’s that air of wide-eyed juvenescence which so effortlessly banishes those stereotypical country-bumpkin presumptions from this song.

The defining feature is that absolutely sublime close-knit harmony, the world needs more elements of camaraderie in its music.


First Aid Kit’s second (yes, second! I’d imagine the first was released sometime before they could walk) album The Lion’s Roar is out now on Wichita Recordings.

-James Godwin, February 4th, 2012

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