The Lord of the Rings Violin Medley

Howard Shore wrote one of thee film scores of recent times with his music for Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings trilogy. It now seems that a heroic nerd, with classically trained musical talent, has taken a firm hold of the Shire with her boundy movements.

Virtuoso violinist Lindsey Stirling, of ‘Legends of Zelda’ fame, has just slammed out another devoted fan video, this time taking on a different cult franchise: The Lord of The Rings. Immediately it’s clear everything is in keeping with Peter Jackson’s vision, physically popping over to New Zealand for the shoot (from America).

The sweeping cinematography is at times a little dizzying (apparently through the use of an actual helicopter, no surprise there), but a fantastic effort none the less. It really is gorgeously written music and she plays it very well, but it seems every part of Lindsey’s body (including her eyes) is on a wriggle-squirm mission. However this arrives as no surprise, considering the enthusiastic chat she has to deploy at the end.

I’m pretty sure this is designed to wet your whistle, as The Hobbit looms closer on the horizon.

Enya – ‘May It Be’ from The Fellowship of The Ring

-James Godwin, February 5th, 2012

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