People People Invisible Speakers

A pretentious preamble for you all to consider: sound, my friends, is invisible. Should you, therefore, as a purveyor of compact mp3 culture also condense the sound creation right at the source? Nobody’s interested in your phat JVC hi-fi anymore bro, we’re talking about existing in a pure unobtrusive musical haven.

iPod docks are big bucks these days, with HMV reporting that tech sales are in fact outstripping those of physical music, and by a long way too. Such an obsession with de-clutter, the fluxus mantra of “a tidy room is a tidy mind”, fuels that definitive first-world-problem of finding a dock that compliments your individualised room aesthetic.

You can stick it on your wall, and maintain an appreciation for the diligent colour scheme behind. Or whilst sitting on your chest-of-drawers in front the window, your view to enlightenment remains free and clear.

The People People “Invisible” speaker is a beautifully crafted minimalist stereo-unit, acting much like an iPod dock, with one 7inch woofer and two 3inch tweeters.

Like all proper Swedish furniture, the unit comes flatpacked and requires your assembly using a few wing nuts. It’s an environmentally friendly move, since only the speaker cones, electronics and framework are shipped. The crowning glass panels are sourced locally, which reduces waste packaging; choosing “not to include the air inside the box”.

The actual control box itself contains simply a digital amplifier, and a Wi-Fi receiver. This is to enable wireless streaming from your iPhone. What’s particularly interesting is the extra socket, for plugging in anything else you like. Maybe an electric guitar?

You’re able to adjust treble, bass and volume with the three knobs and each box arrives with a unique number imprint, allowing you to gauge/portray just how hip you really are.

For your own slice of invisibility, you can expect to pay around £300.

-James Godwin, February 12th, 2012

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