The Grammys: Who Is Bon Iver/Bonny Bear!?

Social media possesses a real knack for spotlighting just how preoccupied the more mainstream fans are, illustrated by the countless Justin Bieber/One Direction/Jonas Brothers trends which appear on Twitter. But it’s their latest response to a particular grammy winner that really highlights just how worryingly absorbing these obsessions can be…

And so brings an end to the 54th Grammy Awards, and Justin Vernon, otherwise known as Bon Iver, has won a set of grammies for best new artist and best alternative album. Congratulations to him.

However the real news arrives in the form of the public response to his triumph. In anticipation of what began with Arcade Fire last year, the Who Is Bon Iver tumblr surfaced a short while before the ceremony took place. And rightly so, since there are buckets of tweets starting off the debate fairly predictably, expressing sheer outrage over WHO this Bon Iver is, and WHERE the bloody hell he came from.

(Isn’t Kanye West a black person?)

Before long, things start to escalate into a frenzy, blind fury is now enveloping their ears:

It also turns out, nobody knows who Paul McCartney is either.

You just couldn’t make this stuff up. Head over to BuzzFeed or for all the latest ruminating.

You can also hear a brand new track from Bon Iver below, in an exclusive clip:

-James Godwin, February 13th, 2012

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