Animal Sculptures Made From Shattered CDs

As the CD wallows slowly towards extinction in the menacingly long shadows of the iPod and the hard-drive, even the surprising outline of a vinyl laughs and points towards the cliff-edge.

My mountainous CD rack is gathering molehills of dust, becoming nothing more than a distant memory, and I imagine will stay that way as a museum artifact of my life. Aside from getting 80p or so for an old copy of Bone Machine on Music Magpie, the only rewarding option is an inconceivable one to us mere mortals.

However Sean Avery coined that option, smashed the sorry buggers to pieces, and made glinting animal sculptures employing the shards as feathers and fur. And you can catch some more over at his Deviant Art page.

-James Godwin, February 17th, 2012

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