Radiohead Debut Two New Songs Live

Last night at Miami’s American Airlines Arena, Radiohead debuted two previously unheard songs to kick off their 2012 The King of Limbs Tour. ‘Identikit’ was the first to make an appearance, easily baiting the strongest initial appeal. Jonny Greenwood’s flash-flood guitar riff and Ed O’ Brien’s call and response vocal with Thom Yorke were to me the most defining aspects.

‘Cut A Hole’ is less purposeful, but delves a lot further into moody territory. Both songs seem to employ variations on the same descending bass line. Another bizarre occurrence, is the inclusion of 15-year-old B-Side ‘Meeting In The Aisle’ in the set list.

However with all that being said, the most significant detail of all, is the fact Thom Yorke was sporting a ponytail.

Watch this space.

-James Godwin, February 28th, 2012

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