Turn your iPad & iPhone into a Ukulele!

Is this the best idea ever?

The age-old assault on innocent musical instruments by digital cowboys stretches back a long way now. But not one has ever concocted a way to combine both the iPad and iPhone into one seamless and respectable gadget. Introducing: The Futulele.

How does it work? Well to strum, the guitar shaped case holds the iPad in place of the soundhole, and the iPhone sits at the neck for your fretting hand, both interconnected via Bluetooth. However if you don’t quite fancy going all out, then Futulele also just operates as a subtle iPad app.

It could be said that Geppetto-like app creator Amidio, is turning “lifeless wood” into a “real toy”, and they insist that there are a total of up to twelve chords available for each song. This isn’t bad, considering that there are a total of 24 major and minor chords in the real world (excluding all the fancies). They’ve also made the option available to record and share your music through the company’s other app, OMGuitar.

Freaks will no doubt ask “is this better than a real ukulele?” No, nothing is better than a real ukulele, you berk. But it’s definitely worth a look for the sheer one-eyebrow-raised-ness of it.

Unfortunately/fortunately surprisingly/unsurprisingly the demo on parade in the video is merely a prototype. Amidio is searching for a manufacturer willing to produce those irresistible Futulele cases.

Is this the worst idea ever?

George Formby – ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’

-James Godwin, March 6th, 2012