mp3: Bobby Womack – ‘Please Forgive My Heart’

An attempt to illustrate just how occupied Damon Albarn is, if somewhat indirectly:

Although an industry prominent figure since the 1970s, the impassioned soul singer Bobby Womack was experiencing a career drought until Gorillaz resurrected his career by offering him a slot as the most frenzied vocal interlude of recent times.

This is no hyperbole, since after singing the take you hear in the final version of ‘Stylo’, Bobby passed out. ‘Nuff said.

In a similarly forward-thinking fashion to his innovative production work with Gil Scott-Heron, XL CEO and talented producer Richard Russell employs comparable results here, of course sat at the mixing desk alongside Damon Albarn.

Download the first offering below.

The Bravest Man In The Universe, is out June 11th on XL.

mp3 [Right Click/Save As]: Bobby Womack – ‘Please Forgive My Heart’

-James Godwin, March 8th, 2012