mp3: Joanna Newsom – Unreleased Instrumental

For fans of Active Child, and other harp-wielding connoisseurs, here’s an excavated Joanna Newsom recording which dates back to 1999, a whole five years before her first official release in 2004.

It’s now been over two years since she released any new music, but her record label Drag City sent this track online yesterday in a bid to keep any anxious fans feeling the brunt of this Newsom recession, a little happier for a little while longer.

It’s a six minute instrumental of beautifully arresting harp music, really showcasing her raw dexterity for the instrument itself. Isn’t it Mother’s day tomorrow? Stick this bad-boy on a relaxing mix-tape.

For this trick Drag City apparently delved into “the rich soil of the past”, also mentioning the tracks candid appearance on a compilation for the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation.

‘1999 Instrumental’

-James Godwin, March 17th, 2012