New Beck – ‘Looking For A Sign’

Uh-oh, Neil Young comparisons are floating around…Oh but it’s TRUE. Beck is a music-magpie, gathering the shiniest of genre-defining details, taking them back to his studio nest, and churning out a delectable soup of his own.

In ‘Looking For A Sign’ there is indeed banjo, harmonica and plectrum-picked chords all of the Southern America variety.

The bird’s already offered up strict originals to I Am Number Four, Twilight: Eclipse, True Blood and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and now here’s a cut from the new Jason Segal flick, Jeff, Who Lives At Home.

It’s now been four years since his last studio album, but it’s okay, because the magpie is still gathering.

-James Godwin, March 22nd, 2012