Robot Beatles Programmed To Play Forever

After finally grasping that James McCartney is deadly serious about forming a bloodline Beatles band consisting of the mop-top’s sons, there was an awkward air of naivety asunder in the fact that genius, is sadly not inherited.

As usual Sean Lennon has been favoured over Julian – much to Reddit’s annoyance (and mine) – but let’s not forget this is all fluffy pillow-talk, assuming such a grand proposal goes ahead anyway.

However there is now an element of added pressure on the pioneering progenies. Since in the country the Beatles shook the most, four HUBO robots have been programmed to play the fab-four classic ‘Come Together’, totally independent of any human influence or interaction.

Produced by Drexel’s Music & Entertainment Technology Laboratory (MET-lab), the robots operate autonomously, even going as far as to utilise that massively oversubscribed internet yoof-music trick: the auto-tune!

All of the their actual movements are dictated and premeditated by student-developed software, to execute the necessary gestures for corresponding notes and beats. The most bizarre aspect of all – we could all die tomorrow, and these fellas would just keep on rockin’.

And yes, every sound in the video was performed by the robots! Just give up James, you’ve got no chance buddy.

-James Godwin, April 7th, 2012