video: Pixies – ‘Indie Cindy’


Once there was a highly influential eighties punk-rock band, who showered the world with raw riffs and milk-curdling yelps.

All cult-followings aside, after experiencing your standard what-goes-up-must-come-down indifferences they packed it all in, only to stage a successful 2006 comeback tour encapsulated in their loudQUIETloud documentary. We all like to romanticise the life of a rockstar, but heck that shows what being in a band is really like. The fame. The pressure. The egos.

Kim Deal was still a member of the Pixies at that point, and unfortunately things didn’t quite work out (once again) and we were back to square one. Two weeks after Deal announced she was leaving the band in June 2013, the band released new music in the form of ‘Bagboy’, and recruited a new bassist by the name of Kim Shattuck in place of Deal.

‘Indie Cindy’ is the first track from the 4-track EP EP1, and is an apt illustration of Black Francis’ claims that “we can play loud or quiet – that’s it”. It’s a real concurrent soup of Pixies’ features that fuses together effortlessly. And it’s about time. The EP is the first of multiple mini-releases that the band will slowly drip-feed to us over the next 15 months.

Grab a limited edition vinyl release of only 5,000, here.

– James Godwin, September 3rd, 2013