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RIP John Barry

Legendary film composer John Barry has suffered a heart attack and passed away yesterday [January 30th] aged 77. Amazingly he scored 11 James Bond films, and received numerous awards for his work. These… Continue reading

Short Animations: Western Spaghetti & Pixels & Pigeon Impossible & Bottle

‘Western Spaghetti’ PES is the pseudonym of Adam Pespone, and if I hadn’t already told you his real name 6 words in, you’d assume we had another artist with an identity crisis alla… Continue reading

The Secret of Kells

In 2007 there was a black & white production called Persepolis (I don’t know if you know it, but it was shown in my sister’s Media class…), and despite all the hoo-ha I… Continue reading


Warning – This Review Contains Spoilers, Or Rather, It Works Better If You Don’t Know Why It’s Good. Here’s a Thought – Go Away And Watch The Film Now, THEN Come Back And… Continue reading

The Top 9 Films of 2010

9. Despicable Me (3D) [Director – Pierre Coffin/Chris Renaud] With a premise loosely coupled with The Incredibles, where professional superheroes living amongst the normal are replaced with professional supervillains, and a promotional based… Continue reading

‘Monsters’ or ‘How To Make a Feature-Film On Your Laptop’

Nowadays lo-fi and independent are cool. Whether it’s in music, publishing, television or cinema, the smaller your budget and the less support you’ve received from corporate industry practice the better. In every one… Continue reading

L’Illusionniste : The Illusionist

A few years ago in 2006 I got a free DVD with the Sunday Times newspaper labelled Belleville Rendez-vous; a divergent animation that optimised society’s developing obsession with breathtaking CGI by regressing into… Continue reading

The Social Network

In a book my brother was given for his 15th birthday, you will find lists of ‘The Top 10 of Everything’. The top 10 for social networking listed MySpace – 471,152,724 users and… Continue reading