Radiohead: Experimental and Electronic Music

V. Radiohead, John Cage and Electronics        “Let Me Hear Both Sides” Experimental composer Michael Nyman believes experimental composers are “outlining a situation in which sounds may occur, a process of generating action”[1]… Continue reading

Experiments in Sound and Sense: The Beatles (1966-69) – Influences

I. The Beatles – Influences “Where do they all come from?” The last recording the Beatles created in 1965 was ‘Girl’; a stripped-down acoustic number harnessing instrumentation from the days of the Cavern… Continue reading

L’Illusionniste : The Illusionist

A few years ago in 2006 I got a free DVD with the Sunday Times newspaper labelled Belleville Rendez-vous; a divergent animation that optimised society’s developing obsession with breathtaking CGI by regressing into… Continue reading

Watch Deerhunter’s Television Debut

After the release of their critically acclaimed fourth album Halcyon Digest earlier this year, Deerhunter made their first ever television appearance on Conan O’ Brien‘s late night American talk-show Conan, where they performed… Continue reading

The Social Network

In a book my brother was given for his 15th birthday, you will find lists of ‘The Top 10 of Everything’. The top 10 for social networking listed MySpace – 471,152,724 users and… Continue reading

Another Year

Director – Mike Leigh, 2010 What with the whopping wounds delivered blow by blow to the arts scene in the UK, and the consequential resignation of the UK Film Council chief executive shortly… Continue reading

Coldplay – Christmas Lights

As Nick Hornby revealed in ‘About a Boy‘, if one is able to write a successful Christmas hit, i.e played as regular as Santa’s clockwork, it is possible to live off the royalties… Continue reading