RDGLDGRN – ‘Million Fans’


I’ve developed a startling soft-spot for old-school hip-hop over the years, so naturally my ears locked on to this raw breakbeat as I sat eating in a Bristol harbour-side cafe.

The Eastern European waitress started pumping some 90s throwback dance moves behind the bar, and for me the mood was just so. The next step was to take Shazam and lend its digital ear to the source. I could not be sure whether my tiny iPhone would encapsulate the sound, but sure enough another one of those on-trend no-vowels band names appeared: RDGLDGRN. Well, it makes sense I guess, looking at the picture.

And that’s the story of how I discovered one of the standout hip-hop tracks of 2013. Enjoy. A couple of details below, along with the track.

There was an EP earlier this year. Dave Grohl got involved:

“That day he showed up, we go into the control room and he’s talking to one of our engineers, he’s like ‘Hi I’m Dave’, we’re like, ‘Dude we know who you are, we kind of love you, everyone knows who you are’.”

The famous Pharrell Williams vocals also feature in a song. Watch out for the untitled debut album possibly out later this year.

-James Godwin, 15th September 2013